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Patricia Stark Communications  has just been hired by the Miss Universe Organization to train Erin Brady the reigning Miss USA in on-camera TV Hosting skills as she pursues a career in Broadcasting as her reign comes to an end this June.

PSC is now working with Conde Nast Entertainment to train their dynamic magazine Editors and contributors in on-camera hosting & interview skills for digital video content.

PSC is headed to AmericanMuscle.com this month to train the web’s Authority of Mustang Experts in on-camera hosting  & interview skills for digital video content.

PSC is working with Designer Amita Naithani in preparation for her Beachwear Launch on QVC

PSC is working with Social Code for Executive Presentation training.

PSC’S March -Five Week...

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18 Tips for Successful Public Speaking, Job interviews & Auditions

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Patricia Stark
1. Nerves? Inhale 4 seconds-hold 7 seconds-exhale 8 seconds-pause-repeat. Calms mind/nervous system, regulates breathing, balances emotions.

2. Broadway Tip: A student of mine from Mama Mia uses Bananas to combat nerves. Swears they are beta blockers & calms her before a performance.

3. Lay off the perfume & cologne. Smell is the scent of memory. You may smell like a bad one to someone else.

4. Confidence Tip: It is not what we “are” that keeps us from reaching our goals but what we “think” we are NOT.

5. Voice Tip: The Larynx/voice-box is a muscle. The more tense the muscle the higher pitched your voice will be. Massage & warmth help it relax.

6. Follow Up Tip: A hand written thank you note carries a lot of weight in a cyber age of emails & texts...

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TV Host / TV Expert Weekend Connection April 12-13, 2014


TV HOST CONNECTION WEEKEND! With Patricia Stark, TV Host/Media Trainer, Patricia Stark Communications, Jamie Carroll TV Hosting Casting Director,  PLUS Showcase to 5 TV Hosting Agents/CDs/Producers Register at: https://www.actorsconnection.com/classes/8756

TWO FULL DAYS! Saturday, April 12 & Sunday April 13, 2014 , Saturday 10am-4pm Sunday 10am-5pm  Do You Want to be a TV Host or Guest On-Air TV Expert? Do You Have an  Idea for a Great New Show or Segment?

Our TV Hosting Connection Weekend  Intensive is the best way to gain on-  camera  hosting & communication skills that merge solid  traditional on-air training  with today’s cutting  edge hosting skills and connect with the movers  & shakers in the  Hosting & Programming world.  

You’ll have TWO full days to polish you...

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