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"I hope this book can help those who deal with stress and anxiety when it comes to communicating with confidence, public speaking fears, that stubborn inner critic, or those who just need to find more calm & confidence when out of their comfort zone or in their daily lives. It’s filled with practical exercises, client stories, & natural remedies to bring you calm & confidence when you need it most."- Patricia Stark

Presenters and performers aren't the only ones who need calm and confidence in their everyday lives. After all, confidence is the fuel that drives us towards our ambitions, and calm eases the way. And when the two states combine, they form a magical and powerful combination.

After helping thousands of students and clients find their own voices and abilities, Stark makes her methods available in Calmfidence -- a comprehensive guide to improving communication skills in any social interaction.

Here Stark gathers a unique set of mental tools, experiential practices, and natural remedies for quelling the self-sabotaging habits of the Inner Critic. With warmth and compassion, Stark guides you in how to identify and overcome your blockages to communication, how to react skillfully to strong emotions as they arise, and how to deal with setbacks in your Calmfidence journey without self-judgment.

You don't need some rare talent to communicate well. When you engage with the exercises and encouragement in Calmfidence, you'll learn how to stop surrendering to fear and become the calm, confident communicator who has always been waiting within.




Robert Clohessy, Actor (Blue Bloods, Oz, and Boardwalk Empire)

“I needed this book 40 years ago! Though it’s never too late. The tips, insights, and exercises I absorbed from Calmfidence I can integrate into my work until I take my final bow.”

Randi Clarke

 Randi Clarke Lennon, Network Television Director

"Being calm and confident is the key to success in most jobs and leads
others around you to trust, value, and listen to your voice. Calmfidence will teach you how to quiet your doubts and trust yourself. With the guidance provided in this book, not only will you feel better about yourself, but others around you will pick up on your energy and react to you more positively as well. I highly suggest this book for anyone who wants to change the way they approach life and gain more out of all their daily interactions.”


Ernie Anastos

Ernie Anastos, New York Emmy® award-winning TV news anchor

“A priceless leadership course. In my view, Calmfidence is the best way to improve your communication skills with powerful techniques and great style!”

Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller, Fashion Designer

“A unique take on self-help that everyone should read. Patricia gives great guidance on navigating your life and great tips on how to communicate in business and in life. A very motivating book!”

Roshumba Williams

Roshumba Williams, Supermodel and Television Host

“Patricia Stark helps you identify your fears and insecurities, and she gives you the tools to manage them with Calmfidence.”

Calmfidence® Factor

Patricia Stark works on both sides of the camera & stage as a Media Trainer, Public Speaking Trainer, Certified Body Language Specialist and Calmfidence® Coach. She appears regularly as a Guest TV Communication Expert & Lifestyle Expert and sought after keynote speaker.


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