Professional Training & Coaching

Patricia Stark Communications specializes in preparing on-air guest experts for their media appearances on television, radio, and the web as well as for print media. Public speaking training for professionals, corporate executives, and job interviews.


“I was up for a big job this year and my hosting skills were rusty.  Patricia gave me the skills that I needed to improve my on-camera techniques and taught me things I did not know I needed.  Her considerate, kindhearted manner and desire to see her students succeed also gave me the courage and confidence to successfully report on the Academy Awards fashions for ABC”.

– Roshumba Williams TV Host/Supermodel

Workshops & Seminars

Patricia offers on-going and customized workshops and events nationwide. Here are some of the services she offers. If you want to customize an event, simply contact us.

    • Signature – Calmfidence® Workshops & Events
    • On-Air Guest, Guest Expert Training
    • TV, Radio, Web On-Air Training
    • Body Language Training
    • TV Host Training
    • Teleprompter Training
    • Public Speaking Training

Coaching & Development

Patricia offers coaching for broadcasters, performers, on-air experts, professionals & business executives. Her 1-1 coaching method will help you succeed in these areas.

  • Public Speaking/Presentation Skills
  • Communication Skill Development
  • Body Language Skills
  • Calmfidence® Skill Development

Where We Train

Patricia has training locations in Manhattan, Northern NJ and the Hudson Valley.  She is also available to bring workshops and seminars to your location.