Get Pickled!

Get pickled before you get yourself into a pickle!

A study out of the University of Maryland has shown that eating fermented foods may reduce anxiety.  More recently, there’s been extensive research about the brain-gut connection.  Some people even refer to the gut as the ‘second brain’.  These powerful, fermented foods significantly increase the “good” bacteria we need in our digestive system, reduce inflammation, contain anti-oxidants and give a boost to our immune system to fight infection.  So next time you’re in need of some Calmfidence before a big event, speech or interview, enjoy some fermented food:

Probiotic Yogurt

You can find all of the above at your local grocery store.  As always, moderation is key!

About The Author

Patricia Stark works on both sides of the camera & stage as a Media Trainer, Public Speaking Trainer, and Certified Body Language Specialist. She appears regularly as a Guest TV Communication Expert & Lifestyle Expert and sought after keynote speaker. To book an engagement with Patricia contact us here.