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Patricia brings 20 years of on-camera experience and the professional approach you need in a spokesperson, host or interviewer. Patricia has worked with national and international news broadcasting networks, medical, health & wellness news, and international corporate media productions to support their success. Patricia has appeared in over 2000 Fortune 500 corporate media productions in just about every sector of industry as a moderator, trainer, host and corporate spokesperson.  She is a member of SAG/AFTRA and has appeared in numerous television commercials and programs and held a recurring role on Law & Order Criminal Intent.

In addition to her extensive on-camera experience, Patricia is a certified Calmfidence® coach. She gives tangible strategies to build and earn Calmfidence® through powerful communication skills, interpersonal skills, body language, voice, eliminating negative self talk & doubt, personal and professional image tips, as well as tangible secret stress & anxiety relievers used by the pros. She is trained in the field of ECBT (Eclectic Cognitive Behavior Therapy), a technique that can alleviate the anxiety associated with stage fright, public speaking, and other performance anxieties, holds a Certificate “In the Mind’s Eye” Visualization & Imagery Counseling –Visualization for Peak Performance, Positive Imagery, & Goal Setting, and is a Certified Body Language Specialist & Trainer helping her clients master non-verbal communication and interpret it in others.

Whether you are looking to educate an audience or brush up on your communication skills, Patricia is excited to meet your needs through her various events, workshops and on-air appearance opportunities. 

Booking, Coaching, and Events

Patricia offers her on-going and customized workshops, appearances and events nationwide. Here are some of the services she offers. If you want to customize an event, simply contact us.

  • On-Air Guest, Guest Expert Training
  • TV, Radio, Web On-Air Training
  • TV Host Training
  • Teleprompter Training
  • Public Speaking Training
  • Signature – Calmfidence® Workshops & Events
  • Body Language Training
  • Communication Skill Development
  • Calmfidence® Skill Development

About The Author

Patricia Stark works on both sides of the camera & stage as a Media Trainer, Public Speaking Trainer, and Certified Body Language Specialist. She appears regularly as a Guest TV Communication Expert & Lifestyle Expert and sought after keynote speaker. To book an engagement with Patricia contact us here.

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