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We’re here to help you Communicate with Calmfidence® whether your goal is to shine in the spotlight on broadcast & corporate media,  as an expert or influencer,  on-stage, public speaking, or your next big interview. Maybe you just want to confidently speak up during that meeting at work, school, or community gathering. We’ll help you build that inner calm confidence from the inside out.  Know yourself…trust yourself….you’ve got this.

"Calmfidence® is the steady, quiet, inner thread of self-reliance and self-knowledge that holds you together when the outside world is in a whirl. ”
~ Patricia Stark

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Keynote Speaking & Media Training Engagements

Patricia is a health & wellness anchor, personal & executive coach and sought after keynote speaker. She serves as a media trainer and public speaking trainer helping others maximize their skills and talents with Calmfidence®.  Learn more about how you can work with Patricia as an on-camera presenter, media or public speaking trainer or keynote speaker for your next event here.

Keynote Speaking & On-Camera

As a keynote speaker, media trainer, author and broadcaster, Patricia is available for live and on-screen talent work in broadcasting and hosting, commercials, corporate media, voice-over, and spokesperson work as well as serving as a motivating keynote speaker and moderator. Satellite Media Tours, Conference Panelist, TV Guest Expert appearances and speech topics include Calmfidence®, Body Language, Fear of Public Speaking, Communication Skills, Women’s Leadership, and Stress & Anxiety Busters.

Workshops & Media Training

Patricia Stark Communications specializes in preparing on-air guest experts for appearances on television, radio, and the web as well as print media. She is a media trainer for on-camera talent for TV Hosting, Digital Hosts & Influencers, Corporate Media Productions, and Teleprompter (Including Presidential Teleprompters) Ear Prompter, Public speaking & presentation training for executives, professionals, and those with speaking fears. View training classes, and register for events and 1-1 or group training at our location or yours.

Calmfidence® Tips, Tricks, and Resources

Gain valuable tips for daily Calmfidence® and learn about keynote speaking, coaching, media training, and events.

Ways To Engage Your Calmfidence®️

media trainer calmfidence keynote speaker
Increase your Calmfidence® by writing it down! When you’re overwhelmed by stress, worry, or nervous energy it’s hard to think straight – which can make you procrastinate. Making a list can get you back to feeling calm, cool, and collected. When you feel proactive and organized you will harness calm confidence to do what you have to do.

media trainer calmfidence keynote speaker
Grab a Cup ‘O Calm! Guava Leaf Tea calms your nerves and quiets your mind! Drinking regularly can help improve the quality of your sleep.  Research also shows guava leaf tea has antibiotic properties and can reduce blood pressure. Leaf your stress behind!

media trainer calmfidence keynote speaker
Poor posture can send the wrong message. When we slouch and roll our shoulders forward it may be our subconscious working to minimize our presence around others. Whether you’re short, medium, or tall aim for a “tall personality” it’s easier to lift others up once you stop minimizing yourself and boldly stand in confidence. Own your space & stand tall!

media trainer calmfidence keynote speaker
Go Green for some Calmfidence®!  GreenTea contains a brain-relaxing chemical called Theanine that helps reduce #anxiety & lowers bloodpressure. Bottoms up!

media trainer calmfidence keynote speaker
The greatest thing to keep in mind when it comes to public speaking is not whether you think you are good or bad at it, but that the more you learn, practice, prepare, and put yourself out there the more comfortable you will become. The better you will become. The more Calmfidence® you will have.

media trainer calmfidence keynote speaker
Sweat now so you don’t sweat when the pressures on! To counteract nervous energy before that big keynote address, media, TV appearance or interview get moving beforehand. Getting your heart rate up and breaking a sweat the morning of your event will lessen your fight or flight response later, helping you feel more calm & confident when you need it most.

Gain Calmfidence® Inside & Out

Stay up-to-date with news and happenings with Patricia. Special features and on-going communication directly from her with your free subscription.  Get your FREE download! Simply provide us your email below.

Gain Calmfidence® Inside & Out

Stay up-to-date with news and happenings with Patricia. Special features and on-going communication directly from her with your subscription.  Get your FREE download! Simply provide us your email below.