3 Public Speaking Secrets

3 Public Speaking Secrets: 

1- The audience believes you’re the expert on the topic, so don’t tell them otherwise.

2-The audience wants you to do well, they’re on your side.

3-They won’t know when you make a mistake, so don’t draw attention to it.

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The Fastest Way to Lose Your Audience

No volume no audience!

When the audience has to work too hard to hear you they will eventually give up. I continue to be amazed by bad sound systems at schools, churches, hotels, corporate auditoriums, and community events. Or the soft spoken speaker who thinks that because they have a microphone they don’t need to speak up and project. Test systems ahead of time to be sure the folks in the back of the room or area can hear loud and clear. Check again once the audience is there. Losing half the audience due to poor sound will create a ripple effect of distractions that will throw off even the folks that can hear.  Soon they’ll all just be waiting for it to be over.

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TV Personalities, Athletes, Comedians, Authors & Musicians Trust Patricia Stark Communications for their Media Training Needs

Patricia Stark Communications TV Hosting & Media Training clients include:

BET Network/Rapper Bow Wow, Clinton Kelly -Live IFB training, Boxer Victor Ortiz, Comedian W. Kamau Bell, Bill & Giuliana Rancic for their first co-host experience together, Say Yes to the Dress’s Randy Fenoli, Own Network’s Wes Moore, Discovery Channel’s Christo Doyle of Gold Rush, and VH1’s Mob Wives’ Karen Gravano.
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