Comunication Calmfidence®

Strengthen communication, interpersonal skills, relationships, and build social capital

Discover how our internal communication: thoughts, assumptions, belief systems, self-value and self-trust dramatically impact our external communication skills.

  • Speak with clarity, confidence, and directness
  • Master your delivery and adapt to various communication situations
  • Foster stronger relationships and support systems.

Our Services

Teleprompter Training

Learn how to combat the two biggest obstacles in cultivating the skill of Teleprompter: Sounding like you’re reading, and looking like you’re reading, a deer in the headlights or worse – expressionless

Ear Prompter Training

It’s a skill that is a must for the actor, influencer, presenter, for self-taped auditions, live presentations, public speaking and social media videos

Our Training Studios

Choose from 3 training locations in the tristate area, or nationally on site at your location or virtually via Zoom

Blue Hill Plaza

Hudson Valley

Pearl Studios NYC

New York City

Inception Company

New Jersey