National Air and Space Museum Enhances On-Camera Hosting Skills with Patricia Stark Communications

Client: National Air and Space Museum
Industry: Technology


The National Air and Space Museum (NASM), renowned for its dedication to aviation and space exploration, recognized the importance of captivating storytelling and engaging communication in reaching its audience through webcasts, digital videos, local broadcasts, and NASA-TV. Seeking expert guidance, they enlisted Patricia Stark Communications to enhance the on-camera hosting skills of their staff.


NASM aimed to elevate the quality of its on-camera presentations by equipping its team with the skills and confidence necessary to engage viewers effectively. The goals of the training included becoming engaging on-camera hosts, proficient interviewers, and adept communicators across various media platforms.


Under the leadership of Jessica DePalma, Production Specialist at NASM, Patricia Stark Communications proposed a comprehensive on-camera hosting skills training program. The training encompassed three key areas:

Individual Coaching Sessions

Seven staff members received personalized on-site coaching sessions aimed at improving their show-hosting skills for webcasts, social media and Facebook live events. These sessions included mock hosting and interview exercises, recorded and critiqued with instant feedback for improvement.

Written Critiques and Recommendations

An additional ten NASM staffers received written critiques and recommendations based on review and critiques of past performance videos provided by NASM. This allowed for targeted feedback to enhance their on-camera presence.

General Session Presentation

A one-hour general session was conducted for all NASM staff, focusing on improving on-camera performance in various situations. This session covered topics such as Facebook Live hosting tips, on-camera interviewing techniques, and body language improvement.

Training Elements

The training program incorporated various elements to help participants enhance their on-camera skills, including:

  • Increasing confidence and comfort level in front of the camera
  • Mastering on-air environments and in-studio interview skills
  • Utilizing sound bites and message clarity
  • Maximizing personality aspects and audience connection
  • Improving voice strength, projection, and inflection
  • Controlling nerves and handling external distractions
  • Creating emotional connections and resonating with the audience


Following the training program, NASM staff members reported a significant improvement in their on-camera hosting skills, confidence levels, and overall performance. They felt better equipped to engage viewers effectively, deliver compelling presentations, and represent NASM with professionalism and authenticity.


The collaboration between the National Air and Space Museum and Patricia Stark Communications exemplifies the transformative power of tailored on-camera hosting skills training. By investing in professional development and enhancing communication capabilities, NASM demonstrated its commitment to delivering engaging and impactful content to its audience, further solidifying its position as a leader in the field of aviation and space exploration.

Results Calmfidence® have helped create

“It was a pleasure working with you at NASM. I thought you did an amazing job with everyone, and appreciate all your insights. You have great perspective, and folks are working with what you presented, which is excellent to see!”
Paul Griffith
allery Coordinator Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum
“I received a lot of good feedback from the team. Thank you for your exceptional coaching skills!”
Jessica DePalma
Audiovisual Production Specialist, Smithsonian Institution, National Air and Space Museum

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