Sherlock Biosciences Engages Patricia Stark Communications for Communication Skills Training for two separate cohorts

Client: Sherlock Biosciences
Industry: Health & Medical


Sherlock Biosciences, a leading biotechnology company based in Boston, MA, recognized the importance of enhancing communication skills among its team members to foster collaboration, build confidence, and improve overall performance. Seeking expert guidance, they engaged Patricia Stark Communications to facilitate two dynamic and interactive team communication skills workshops.


Sherlock Biosciences aimed to strengthen executive communication skills, elevate team connections, and enhance overall communication effectiveness. With a focus on building calm confidence, the company sought to equip its team with tangible strategies to navigate various communication scenarios with ease and professionalism.


Under the leadership of Tiffany Summerville, Vice President of Human Resources at Sherlock Biosciences, Patricia Stark Communications designed two comprehensive Calmfidence® Professional & Personal Development Coaching & Training programs for two different teams. The full-day workshops were tailored to address specific communication challenges faced by the team members in each group. The workshops curriculum encompassed a wide range of topics, including:
  • Powerful communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Body language and nonverbal communication
  • Positive psychology and emotional intelligence
  • Leadership skills
  • Personal and professional image tips
  • Stress and anxiety management techniques
Through interactive sessions, participants had the opportunity to strengthen their executive communication skills, expand comfort zones, and enhance connections through communication exercises. The program also focused on adapting communication styles to different audiences, handling challenging questions, and leading with empathy and compassion.

Implementation Process

The trainings began with an in-depth discussion to understand each participant’s individual needs and goals. Throughout the day, speaking exercises were conducted, which were videotaped for review and feedback. Immediate assessments were provided on various aspects, including vocal speed, body language, energy, and messaging effectiveness. Team building exercises and role-play was also strategically placed throughout the day.

All participants received a copy of the Communication Calmfidence® Best Practices overview document and the book “Calmfidence – How to Trust Yourself, Tame Your Inner Critic and Shine in Any Spotlight” to reinforce learning and provide ongoing support, as well as PSC’s Communication Best Practices documents.

Results and Impact

Following the workshops, participants reported a significant improvement in their communication skills, confidence levels, and overall performance. They felt more empowered to navigate challenging communication situations, engage effectively with audiences, and convey their messages with clarity and conviction.

Sherlock Biosciences witnessed enhanced team collaboration, increased productivity, and improved morale among team members. The investment in communication skills training yielded tangible results, positioning the company for continued success in the competitive biotechnology industry.


The collaboration between Sherlock Biosciences and Patricia Stark Communications exemplifies the transformative power of tailored communication skills training. By prioritizing professional development and investing in their team’s growth,
Sherlock Biosciences demonstrated its commitment to fostering a culture of excellence and innovation.

Results Calmfidence® have helped create

Working with Patricia Stark Communications has been a game-changer for our teams. The Calmfidence® workshops provided invaluable insights and practical strategies to enhance our communication skills and build confidence. We are grateful for the expertise and professionalism demonstrated by Patricia Stark Communications.
Tiffany Summerville
Vice President of Human Resources, Sherlock Biosciences

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