Keynote Speaker

So much more than a keynote speaker, Patricia Stark’s goal is to be a part of your conference audience’s EXPERIENCE.

When you book Patricia for your event, you’ll receive more than customized content given from the stage. With the comfort and safety of knowing you’re booking a QUALITY speaker who is a PROVEN entity.

Here's What Clients are Saying

It was a pleasure hosting Patricia Stark as a guest speaker at our recent New York State Courts 9th Judicial District Leadership Conference. The audience consisted of administrators and supervisors of the court community and she presented during the wellness component of the morning. Articulating key points and using visuals, Patricia provided an engaging, informative, and inspirational presentation. Valuable takeaways in gaining calm and confidence during stressful situations included breathing exercises, body language, and positive mindset strategies. It was encouraging to see the audience engaged and enjoying the interactive sessions. Patricia‘s presentation contributed to the event’s success, with many of the attendees in agreement that it was one of the beneficial highlights of the day!
Sabrina Vargas-Greco
Commissioner of Jurors


Most speakers will schedule a conference call with you prior to the event and customize their content. Patricia does this and so much more…

Seeking more registrations?

Patricia will shoot a customized video just for your event to embed into your registration page or include in your emails. Having this video has proven to increase registrations 13%. Save the date? Special pricing deadlines? Last chance to register?

Want your registered attendees to feel special?

“I can’t wait to see you!” “Don’t forget to pack your white colored clothing for the white party” (or whatever special events you have planned!) Patricia will also shoot a customized video just for your event thanking your attendees for registering and sharing a few of the exciting things they have in store – you provide the content, Patricia will include it in these special videos!

Composing newsletter or blog content?

Patricia will write a blog post/newsletter article on a topic of your request. Just ask!

During the Event

Most speakers just show up, some even show up right before their speaking time and leave shortly after.  How does this create an experience for your attendees? (NOTE: IT DOESN’T)

Accessible. Available. Personable

Patricia is willing to stay for your entire event (as requested). Attendees LOVE being able to connect with the keynote speaker before and after they speak. Patricia will be available in a designated place for pictures and book sales. She is friendly and personable with your attendees.

Have VIP’s? Top performers? Loyal sponsors?

Give them an additional perk of being seated with Patricia at a meal, or arrange a special meet and greet time during the event. Have a charity you’re supporting during the event? Auction a seat at the table with Patricia or front row seating during her keynote. Patricia will work with you to ensure attendees feel special.

Unique Gifts for your attendees?

When ordered in advance, Patricia can provide for each attendee with a unique Calmfidence®️ gift of your choice.

Add a personal touch?

Personal Q&A time. Patricia is often chosen as the “OPENER” or “CLOSER” keynote to energize audiences, empower individuals, and anchor objectives; Patricia plans on staying as long as it takes (unless you’re booking Patricia with short notice- then her calendar will determine how long she can stay). Every attendee who would like a picture taken with Patricia, will leave with one! She once stayed for 2 hours after her speech at a large event taking pictures and signing books for the event’s participants.

After the Event

As you know, just because the event is over, doesn’t mean it’s over…

What worked? What needs improvement?

Patricia will be available for a post event call to after action review the event. Which keynote message really resonated with the attendees? What message could use more emphasis?

Emphasize objectives!

Patricia will shoot a short training video emphasizing that one lesson or message upon request. This can be for the attendees, or to send to those who were unable to attend.

Composing newsletter or blog content?

Patricia will write a blog post/newsletter article on that topic of your choice.

Speaking Topics

  • Calmfidence: How to Trust Yourself, Tame Your Inner Critic and Shine in Any Spotlight. Based on Patricia’s book of the same title
  • Communicating with Calmfidence®
  • Unlocking Calm: Managing Stress, Anxiety, & Burnout with Mental, Physical, & Natural Remedy Strategies.
  • Lights, Camera, Virtual Calmfidence® – Are You Ready for Your Close-Up?
  • Lights, Camera, Calmfidence® Media Training for Performers, TV Guest Experts, Broadcasters and Hosts
  • Public Speaking Calmfidence®
  • Public Speaking Calmfidence® for Teens
  • Interview Calmfidence® – Job Interview & Media Interview Skills
  • Body Language Calmfidence®
  • Emotional Intelligence Calmfidence®
  • Resilient Calmfidence® – Handling Set-backs with Grit, Passion, Persistence and Purpose
  • Self-Care Calmfidence®
  • Women’s Leadership Calmfidence®
  • Optimistic Calmfidence® – Optimism Can Be Learned
  • Everyday Calmfidence® – Positive Thinking for Positive Living
  • Natural Calmfidence® – Natural Remedies & Exercises to Combat Stress and Anxiety
  • Calmfidence® Boosters & Calmfidence® Killers
  • Courageous Calmfidence® Reaching Your Goals
  • The Voice of Calmfidence® Finding Your Dynamic Voice Inside & Out
  • Sticky Situation Calmfidence® Handling Difficult People & Difficult Situations
  • Improve, Reinvent, Motivate with Calmfidence®- Putting Your Best Foot Forward Back on the Job Market
  • Camera Ready Calmfidence® Insider Tips from TV Makeup Artists & Wardrobe Experts
  • Calmfidence® for Teens: Self-Esteem & Self-Care
  • Calmfidence® for Kids: Communication & Public Speaking Skills
  • Delicious Calmfidence® Foods, Spices, and Calmtails® than create calm & confidence.
  • Holiday Calmfidence® – Mingle and Jingle with family and friends with calm confidence.
  • Fashionable Tips For Drama-free Living to Kick Negativity to the Curb with Personal Style, Attitude, and Actions