2 Day Power TV Hosting Workshop Nov 16 & 17, 2017

A video recap of some past classes!

Now more than ever you’ll find yourself in front of a camera! You may host a show, segment, or interview on TV, Web, or for Corporate Media, a Video Blog or maybe you’re an Expert who wants to host “How To” videos. You’re invited to join Patricia Stark Communications new 2 Day Power TV Hosting Workshop in NYC November 16 & 17th! Click here for more information and to register.

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Are You a Fast Talker?

Calmfidence® Tip of the Day – Are you a Fast Talker? Thank you @dyoung211 for your question:
??‍♀️ “What are some tips to slow down when I’m presenting”?

? Most folks speed up when they are nervous or when that excited adrenaline is pumping. Plan for it and consciously open your speech or conversation at a slow pace. This will set the tone for the rest of your talk

? If your intention is to just “get this over with” you will speak much faster then you should. Even if it’s a necessary evil for you and something you really dread, do everything you can to try to change your intention to giving value and being of service

? Don’t confuse energy and enthusiasm with speed...

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Calmfidence™ Tip of the Day – Do you swallow your words when you speak?

?Have you ever had dry mouth? it’s awful right? Your throat gets scratchy & irritated and you might even have to cough. Not so good during a speech or interview

?Too much saliva is also bad. You’re gonna have to swallow and that’s also tough during a speech or conversation

?Swallowing your words really means swallowing AS you say your words. That’s why folks notice it. It makes you sound nervous and unsure

?Swallow before or after you say a word, in the spaces

⏰Take your time

⚖️Use pauses wisely

?You’ll give yourself space to clear your mouth, control your breathing, and catch your breath

?You will sound thoughtful and smart when you make space for vocal housekeeping

?Folks won’t notice your swallows...

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