Calmfidence™ Tip of the Day – Do you swallow your words when you speak?

😱Have you ever had dry mouth? it’s awful right? Your throat gets scratchy & irritated and you might even have to cough. Not so good during a speech or interview

💦Too much saliva is also bad. You’re gonna have to swallow and that’s also tough during a speech or conversation

🙊Swallowing your words really means swallowing AS you say your words. That’s why folks notice it. It makes you sound nervous and unsure

🌪Swallow before or after you say a word, in the spaces

⏰Take your time

⚖️Use pauses wisely

🎁You’ll give yourself space to clear your mouth, control your breathing, and catch your breath

🎓You will sound thoughtful and smart when you make space for vocal housekeeping

🙈Folks won’t no...

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Body Language Daily Hacks

Body Language Daily Hacks:

By Patricia Stark
1- Use your space! – Your body language shows how comfortable you are in your own skin and in your situation. When you stand and sit tall, and expand your arms or legs outward or upward (crossing your legs with ankle over thigh like the number 4 or stretching an arm out over a chair to your left or right or crowned up over your head)  it shows that you are not afraid to maximize your presence and interact with the space and those around you.  When people are not comfortable they implode. They minimize the space they use by slouching, and sinking into themselves. They sit or stand demurely, closing their bodies off from others by clasping their hands, rounding their shoulders, keeping arms and legs close to take up less space...

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2 Day Power TV Hosting Workshop Sept. 14 & 15, 2017

Now more than ever you’ll find yourself in front of a camera! You may host a show, segment, or interview on TV, Web, or for Corporate Media, a Video Blog or maybe you’re an Expert who wants to host “How To” videos. You’re invited to join Patricia Stark Communications new 2 Day Power TV Hosting Workshop in NYC September 14th & 15th! Click here for more information and to register.

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