Women’s Calmfidence® Workshop

Calmfidence® Professional & Personal Development Workshops are designed to help you communicate with calm confidence inside and out.

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About the Event

Calmfidence® Professional & Personal Development Workshops are designed to help you communicate with calm confidence inside and out. Giving tangible strategies to build and earn Calmfidence® through powerful communication skills, interpersonal skills, body language, voice, eliminating negative self talk & doubt, personal and professional image tips, and tangible secret stress and anxiety relievers used by the pros, this Calmfidence® Workshop will help you:

What You Will Learn

  • Tap into calm confidence before and during stressful situations with tangible techniques, natural foods and remedies, Calmfidence® habits, and proven stress & anxiety busters.
  • Build self-trust, find your voice and speak up during meetings and discussions
  • Be in command of body language, facial expression & powerful presence to project a positive, assertive, dignified image that commands respect
  • Identify and interpret the body language of others to quickly build rapport, and ask more powerful questions based on the non-verbal cues of those around you
  • Improve the quality and command of your voice through vocal S-P-I-R-I-T & vocal D-E-P-T-H exercises
  • Be taken more seriously and be held in more high regard for your expertise & knowledge
  • Handle sticky communication situations & difficult personalities and identify people who are Calmfidence® C-R-A-B-S so you can minimize their impact on you and your goals
  • Become a better overall communicator & strengthen vital interpersonal skills
  • Improve your telephone and voicemail Calmfidence®
  • Tune into your inner coach instead of your inner critic
  • Celebrate & create the life you want instead of holding back
  • Access Calmfidence® secrets, tips & tools used by celebrities, CEO’s, performers & athletes to stay relaxed and in control of any level of pressure, confrontation, challenge, or when expanding & growing outside of your comfort zone
  • Handle set backs, rejection, and crumby days
  • Establish your Calmfidence® T-E-A-M
  • Create a personal Calmfidence® Creed
  • Take inventory and create your Calmfidence® Credit Card
  • Earn and own every ounce of your personal Calmfidence®

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