Stark & Stanford

Broadcasting Bootcamp – November 1, 2 & 3, 2019

Stark & Stanford

Broadcasting Bootcamp – November 1, 2 & 3, 2019

Calmfidence® Workshops & Events

About Calmfidence® Events

Based on Patricia Stark’s upcoming book, Calmfidence® workshops, seminars, lunch & learn events, and Keynotes are chock full of solid, tangible tips on how to find your calm confidence in communication situations in work and personal interactions.

Strategies focusing on body language and non-verbal communication, interpersonal skills, confidence killers and boosters, self talk, success stories from clients and students, and even foods & natural remedies that can be useful in creating Calmfidence®.

Patricia Stark Communications can create a tailored event just for you and your group.

  • The top 10 Calmfidence® builders that work no matter how nervous or anxious you may feel.
  • The 7 Body Language secrets that make you look and feel powerful, confident, & appealing (even when your nerves kick in).
  • The 3 most effective relaxation techniques that work on the spot for calm yet dynamic focused control of your speaking & presence.
  • Bullet proof self-talk that melts fear into Calmfidence® in seconds.
  • Vocal techniques that create credibility, likeability, and command of any communication situation.
  • The one key to never fearing mistakes again!
  • The best “thinking on your feet” strategy to prevent brain freeze or blanking out.
  • Organize, structure and outline any speech or presentation in a clear, concise and compelling way.
  • Eliminate bad habits, distracting subconscious habits, verbal graffiti (ah’s, um’s, er’s, ya know)
  • Learn public speaking skills that can be applied to any type of speaking situation on stage, conference room, interview room, family & business events, celebrations and more.
  • Storytelling skills that captivate, engage, motivate, entertain and inspire.
  • Top 3 ways to increase your energy, volume, passion and enthusiasm.
  • Combating “Imposter Syndrome” and owning your expertise.
  • Controlling the speaking environment to find your comfort zone.
  • Emergency fixes for “bad days” / “one of those days” when everything seems to go wrong.
  • Dealing with Pickles Pusses and Poker Faces in your audience.
  • Handling Q & A with Calmfidence®
  • Fool proof wardrobe, makeup, accessories, and general image do’s & don’ts
  • Solid Tips & Tricks for powerful Calmfidence® including foods, natural products and mindfulness techniques to curb excessive sweating, prevent dry mouth, ease a pounding heart and ground that “out of body experience” that will give you a calm confident foundation everywhere you go.

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What Our Clients are Saying

“Patricia helped cure my fear of public speaking. I wish I met her when I was a teenager! It would have helped me so much more in my professional career. She provided me many tips and tricks to help me get over my fears of speaking in front of large groups, audiences and on-camera. I used to turn down public speaking opportunities because of the stress it would cause me. Thanks to Patricia I can honestly say, I feel much better about accepting these invites now.”

Ben Kirshner

CEO Elite SEM Inc. NY

“I first met Patricia when we both attended the Body Language Institute in Washington, DC. I was struck by her professionalism and her experience but more importantly, I was impressed by her exceptional personality – she is a wonderful person who is down to earth, has a tremendous sense of humor and genuinely cares about others. So a year later when it came time for my company to celebrate our 110th anniversary, which included our executive team giving presentations to almost 2,000 leaders and our CEO Charles Butt – (Glassdoor Top 5 Highest Rated CEO in the USA, HEB – Glassdoor Best Places to work 2014-2017) preparing a video speech that would be seen by almost 100,000 employees, I immediately turned to Patricia to help us prepare. And we were not disappointed! Patricia worked with several of our leaders and gave us real tips and skills to communicate powerfully yet authentically. She provided specific, honest, constructive feedback and at the same time was encouraging and inspirational. She was highly flexible and the consummate professional when we would change things up at the last minute. She has a passion for this work and truly wants to help others succeed – as a result of her coaching, we had a very successful celebration and several leaders gave THE BEST SPEECH OF THEIR CAREERS. I would highly recommend Patricia to ANYONE who wants to communicate as effectively as possible – whether it be in public speaking, in an interview, on video, in an individual conversation, etc. She truly knows what she’s doing and helps people show up at their best.”

Tina James

 Senior Vice President HEB, San Antonio, TX

”As a member of a panel of Body Language Institute Senior Instructors, I recently had the pleasure of hearing Patricia give a 45 minute presentation at the Body Language Institute to become certified as a Body Language Institute Train-the-Trainer Instructor. Her presentation had me on the edge of my seat. Patricia is a powerful and entertaining speaker. In only 45 minutes she captured her audience’s full attention and delivered all key elements of the New Body Language Program with high energy, passion and expertise. She has my highest recommendations as a body language instructor and motivational speaker.”  

Lena Sisco

Consultant, Instructor, Author, TEDx Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Enhanced Communications SME

“I am so glad to have found Patricia for some staff training at Wine Enthusiast. She was extremely responsive regarding planning and strategizing, and delivered an extremely valuable day of training. The response for her training was overwhelmingly positive, and I appreciate how she was able to focus on tools for broadcast, and public speaking guidelines and tips. I highly recommend her work, as she created a fantastic group presentation, as well as 1-on-1 trainings, which are a key component. Patricia’s years of experience teaching others made for a very informative and engaging training. We are already considering other ways to utilize Patricia’s skills and teachings to share with more teams.”

Cara Mcilwaine

Public Relations Manager at Wine Enthusiast Companies

“Patricia was well received by the team. She took the time to prepare and ensured she understood the team dynamic and what I was hoping to achieve from the session. I would not hesitate to recommend Patricia to anyone who is looking for an expert in public speaking, presentation and general communications training. She is fantastic and I look forward to working with her in the future!” 

Amy Vale

Head of Global Marketing and Branded Experiences at Spotify

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