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Do you go through an energy crisis during the day? Most people crash mid-day. Here are the top ten ways to perk yourself up:

1. Rub your earlobes.

This acupressure trick clears your head and dulls pain above the neck.

2. Get in a better mood with the scent of lemon and lime.

Studies show smelling citrus eases tension and anxiety. Citrus has been found to cut down on production of the stress hormone cortisol. Find it in candles, natural air fresheners, or slice them up yourself and breath deep before placing them in a glass of water for a refreshing drink.

3. Grab a hard-boiled egg.

Eggs are satisfying and packed with protein that can give you a steady source of sustained energy throughout the day.

4. An apple a day keeps the crash away!

With a dynamic duo of natural sugars and fiber, apples provide a slow release of energy for hours.

5. Go nuts with Walnuts!

High in Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and antioxidants that increase your energy level. Plus nuts provide carbs and fiber to sustain that energy boost.

6. Laugh out loud.

Humor improves your mood and may spur you to take on more high-energy activities.

7. Focus on your breathing.

The deep abdominal kind will calm your heart rate and rush energizing oxygen throughout your body.

8. Soak up a little sun.

Light stimulates neurotransmitters in your brain, such as serotonin and dopamine, which increases motivation. Take a break and walk outside for a few minutes, even if you have to bundle up!

9. Down a glass of water.

Dehydration wears you down, even before you feel thirsty.

10. Do a 7th inning stretch!

Stretch your arms up to the ceiling, roll your head and neck and shake it out. You’ll feel a calming relief followed by a boost in your energy.

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