Spice up your Calmfidence®

Ahhh, the Fall is finally here! 

Crisp weather, beautiful foliage, and warm spices.  One of my favorite spices this time of year is cinnamon.  Whether it’s in the form of a new Bath & Body Works hand soap or candle or using it in a new recipe for Thanksgiving, cinnamon is a spice that resonates with so many people, and for good reason!

This sweet and fragrant spice can increase your motivation and performance!  Studies have shown that breathing in this scent has been shown to reduce anxiety levels by as much as 25% in just two minutes! A study from Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia found the scent of cinnamon may reduce fatigue, increase alertness, improve cognitive functions like memory and attention span and even decrease frustration and anxiety. Keep cinnamon on hand around your home or office whenever you need an extra dose of Calmfidence®.

But there’s more to this spice than just its scent.  Eating cinnamon offers a wealth of health benefits. This ancient spice prevents spikes in blood sugar.  This helps to improve our mood and sense of calm – who wouldn’t want that?

So, how can you incorporate more of this sweet and spicy Calmfidence® Booster into your daily routine?

Enjoy the scent from:

  • potpourri
  • burning candles
  • soaps/lotions
  • diffusing essential oils
  • fresh sticks

Sprinkle it:

  • on your oatmeal
  • in your protein shake
  •  in your coffee or latte
  • in your favorite cookie recipe
  • ….the options here are endless!

Freshen your breath with cinnamon flavored gum, breath mints or even toothpaste!

How about a face mask? Never thought that would be on the list, right?  This recipe will help calm you from the outside-in – double duty Calmfidence®!

Mix 1 teaspoon of cinnamon with 2 teaspoons of honey in a small bowl until the cinnamon blends thoroughly into the honey. Apply the mixture to your face using your hands until you get an even coverage for your face. Leave the mask on your face for 10-15 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water.


So this Fall, take some time to enjoy all that cinnamon has to offer, and feel your Calmfidence® grow. ​


About The Author

Patricia Stark works on both sides of the camera & stage as a Media Trainer, Public Speaking Trainer, and Certified Body Language Specialist. She appears regularly as a Guest TV Communication Expert & Lifestyle Expert and sought after keynote speaker. To book an engagement with Patricia contact us here.

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