Nework with Calmfidence

Are you heading to a networking event alone? Are you showing up to that big event by yourself? For many folks this can be very intimidating and stressful – when we should feel calm & confident!

Here are some tips on how you can enter that room with Calmfidence®:

  1. Scan the room. Look for other solo individuals that might be feeling the same and connect with them first. They will usually be wandering or wall flowering it, and happy to have you approach.
  2. Spot the odd numbers. It’s much harder to enter a conversation between two people or four people who are talking in pairs. Groups of three or five people are easier to approach & mix into the conversation.
  3. Brush up on the news of the day in your community or industry for conversation starters.
  4. Notice clothing, jewelry and accessories. People put thought into what they wear. It reflects their style and taste. Acknowledging it with a compliment is a nice conversation starter.
  5. Aim to be interested not interesting.
  6. Smile. Nothing opens doors faster than a genuine smile and positive vibe before you even say a word.

About The Author

Patricia Stark works on both sides of the camera & stage as a Media Trainer, Public Speaking Trainer, and Certified Body Language Specialist. She appears regularly as a Guest TV Communication Expert & Lifestyle Expert and sought after keynote speaker. To book an engagement with Patricia contact us here.

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