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Public Speaking / Presentation Skills

The most important skill for success is being able to present yourself to the world with a calm confidence. Your public speaking, presentation, & performance skills will impact all of your goals and dreams. Know what body language messages you are sending out consciously and subconsciously. Own your voice, conquer doubt & fear, learn to trust yourself and command the stage, the room, or conversation.

In this powerful workshop you’ll learn:

• The top 10 Calmfidence® builders that work no matter how nervous or anxious you may feel.
• The 7 Body Language secrets that make you look and feel powerful, confident, & appealing (even when your nerves kick in).
• The 3 most effective relaxation techniques that work on the spot for calm yet dynamic focused control of your speaking & presence.
• Bullet proof self-talk that melts fear into Calmfidence® in seconds.
• Vocal techniques that create credibility, likeability, and command of any communication situation.
• The one key to never fearing mistakes again!
• The best “thinking on your feet” strategy to prevent brain freeze or blanking out.
• Organize, structure and outline any speech or presentation in a clear, concise and compelling way.
• Eliminate bad habits, distracting subconscious habits, verbal graffiti (ah’s, um’s, er’s, ya know)
• Learn public speaking skills that can be applied to any type of speaking situation on stage, conference room, interview room, family & business events, celebrations and more.
• Storytelling skills that captivate, engage, motivate, entertain and inspire.
• Top 3 ways to increase your energy, volume, passion and enthusiasm.
• Combating “Imposter Syndrome” and owning your expertise.
• Controlling the speaking environment to find your comfort zone.
• Emergency fixes for “bad days” / “one of those days” when everything seems to go wrong.
• Dealing with Pickles Pusses and Poker Faces in your audience.
• Handling Q & A with Calmfidence®
• Fool proof wardrobe, makeup, accessories, and general image do’s & don’ts
• Solid Tips & Tricks for powerful Calmfidence® including foods, natural products and mindfulness techniques to curb excessive sweating, prevent dry mouth, ease a pounding heart and ground that “out of body experience” that will give you a calm confident foundation everywhere you go.

Videotaped Feedback and Coaching
You’ll receive an expert evaluation of your personal baseline speaking & body language, followed by multiple individualized on-camera coaching exercises. This class is supportive, builds on strengths, positive psychology, and the priority to help you become your very best.

All Participants will Receive
• Multiple individual speaking opportunities in front of the group
• An SD Card with individual videotaped exercises
• Class workbook
• Complete written evaluation of strengths & weaknesses, and notes on all aspects of your presentation skills progress over the 2 days, with a clear plan for continued improvement and success.

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