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New Public Speaking & Body Language Calmfidence® Training Workshop Launching in NYC Friday -December 8th 2017

I am excited to announce my new Public Speaking and Body Language Calmfidence® Training Workshop is launching in NYC this December 8th! The most important skill for success is being able to present yourself to the world with a calm confidence. Your public speaking, presentation, & performance skills will impact all of your goals and dreams. Know what body language messages you are sending out consciously and subconsciously. Own your voice, conquer doubt & fear, learn to trust yourself and command the stage, the room, or conversation. Secure your spot here:

In this powerful 2-day workshop you’ll learn:

  • The top 10 Calmfidence® builde...
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Patricia Stark Communications to be Featured on WCBS 880

Honored to have Business Reporter Joe Connolly and WCBS 880 request a profile interview on my coaching & training! Patricia Stark Communications will be featured on air and on the web early December!

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Body Language Calmfidence® Tip of the Day

Body Language Calmfidence® Tip of the Day-

Many women sell themselves short with this Body Language mistake. Nothing will minimize your presence more than bad posture. Often times we are subconsciously making ourselves smaller and giving our power away when we implode into ourselves with rolled shoulders, chin down, arms and hands clasped demurely in front of us. This can happen at any height when women don’t want to draw too much attention to themselves or don’t have the Calmfidence® to own their own space.

But for tall women this is especially true and even for very good reason. Many tall women who are great at building rapport and getting on the same level with other folks around them consciously or subconsciously attempt to make others comfortable by not towering over them...

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