Certifications & Memberships

Patricia Stark’s Certifications:

Body Language Instructor/Specialist

The Body Language Institute- Arlington VA

Trained by former Law Enforcement /ATF, & Anti-Terrorism Interrogation Experts.
-Lie Detection Techniques-Identifying Deception
-Baseline Assessments

-The 7 Universal Facial Expressions, Emotions & Micro Expression Identification

-The New Body Language Techniques-dispelling old myths and misconceptions of Body Language

-Handwriting Analysis

-Interrogation Techniques-Embedded Commands

-Video Analysis-Presentation Skills, Reading Individuals &  Audiences

-Mirroring Techniques -Rapport Building Techniques

-Body Language for Presence, Confidence, First Impressions, Leadership & Powerful Performances for Presenters


Certificate in Eclectic Cognitive Behavior Therapy

The New York Center for Eclectic Cognitive Behavior Therapy @ LIU – Dr. Thomas Nardi Instructor.  Stage Fright, Performance Anxiety, Communication & Public Speaking Fears.

Certificate “In the Mind’s Eye” Visualization & Imagery Counseling

LIU Rockland Graduate Campus – Visualization for Peak Performance, Positive Imagery, Goal Setting.

Member of Screen Actors Guild/American Federation of Television & Radio Artists since 1997