Body Language Training

Patricia is a certified Body Language Instructor/Specialist from The Body Language Institute.  The most important skill for success is being able to present yourself to the world with Calmfidence®.

  • Effectively use Body Language / Non-Verbal Communication, Proper Eye Contact, Posture, Facial Expressions
  • Have a self awareness & trust in their own body language both conscious and subconscious
  • The 7 body language secrets that make you look and feel powerful, confident and appealing even when nerves kick in
  • Eliminate distracting body language habits, self-soothing pacifying signals
  • Identify and read other people’s body language in order to ask more powerful questions
  • Identify the 7 universal facial expressions and establish an awareness of micro-expressions
  • Maintain the correct level of eye contact
  • Powerful posture and power poses that effect physiology
  • Know when to approach people in group and networking settings
  • Use body language to get and hold the floor in meetings and sticky situations
  • Identify peoples “Norms” vs. body language changes and what it might mean
  • Ensure congruency of body, voice and facial expressions for more credibility
  • Create a powerful presence that let’s folks know they are “in good hands” with you
  • Maximize energy, passion & enthusiasm, sense of humor, conversational style, audience appeal and like-ability
  • Connect with an audience in a genuine, approachable, effective manner
  • Cultivate a personal Calmfidence®, control nerves, minimize stage fright, incorporate Tips, Tricks, Remedies and Tangible Quick Fixes that lay the foundation for Calmfidence®
  • Improve voice strength, projection, and inflection
  • Maximize speaking environment with tips for proper wardrobe, audio, stage presence & personal image/brand
  • Own their space in front a room or on stage.
  • Keep the focus on the audience with strong intention and provide great value
  • Command and maintain audience interest and leave them wanting more
  • Increase Expert Ownership – overcoming roadblocks, trusting expertise, strengthening point of view
  • Wardrobe and image body language tips

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