Training Services

Training Services

On-Air Guest Experts
Prepare on-air guests for media appearances on television, radio, and web programs.   Find a comfort level in mock interiew situations in front of the camera BEFORE you go on the air. Craft and fine tune talking points,…read more

Corporate Media Training
Extensive Training for Corporate Media productions.   Teleprompter Training. Ear Prompter Training. In studio, on location and remote interview skills. Webcasts and Internet Videos. Video Conferencing. Corporate Training Videos. Media Interviews: on-camera, radio, and print. On-camera image. Facial Expressions and Body…read more

Print Media Training
Handling Telephone Print Media Interview with Reporters: How print media differs from other forms of media. Controlling your environment. Key Message Points. Phone session training overviews. Mock Interviews via phone. How to become a resource for reporters.

Author Media Training
Helping Authors to communicate and promote their books through media tours and publicity event.  Our clients have appeared on the Today Show, The Morning Show on CBS, Tyra, The View from the Bay, CNN, & other national and regional network news and…read more

Media Tours – Satellite & Ground
Training for SMT’s (Satellite Media Tours) and GMT’s (Ground Media Tours): Mock training situations for spokespersons. Message point development. Fine tuning sound bites. Interacting with props. Delivery key messaging within alloted time frame. Stamina & Enthusiasm Levels.


It’s just reading words off a screen, how hard can that be?  Well if you sound like you are just reading words off a screen you won’t book the job, sound like an expert, connect with your audience or be seen as credible or…read more

Ear Prompter
It’s a skill that’s a must for the on-camera host, any performer who dreads cue-cards on auditions, the corporate presenter & the public speaker!  If you’ve ever had a hosting, commercial, or industrial audition or shoot where you had so much copy you felt you…read more

1-1 Private Training Sessions
Private 1-1 sessions are intensive 2 hour minimum blocks tailored to each individuals needs and goals. The entire two hours can be spent in front of the camera working with Teleprompter, Ear Prompter, interview skills (as host or interview-ee), mock auditions, etc.- a combination…read more

Telephone & Skype Training Sessions
1 Hour and 1 1/2 Hour Phone Training Sessions Cover: Handling Media Interviews with Print Journalists via Phone: 1 Hour Overview. 1 1/2 Hour sessions also include 1/2 hour mock interview training. Handling Job Interviews: 1 Hour Overview. 1 1/2 Hour session also include 1/2 mock…read more

On-Air Image Coaching
On-Camera Wardrobe. Hair & Makeup tips. Body Language, Facial Expressions, Voice Quality & Projection. Eliminating distratcting habits.