Training Services

Public Speaking / Presentation Skills


Over 2000 corporations have hired Patricia to serve as spokesperson,moderator, host, keynote speaker, and trainer.

Master strategies to gain control of your nerves, your credibility, and your passion.

  • Knowing Your Subject & Your Audience.
  • Visualization, Preparation, & Conversation.
  • Voice Clarity & Strength.
  • The Power of the Mic.
  • Bullets vs. Verbatim Script Memorization.
  • Communicating Your Message Effectively.
  • Confidence & Perception.
  • Controlling the Room.
  • Motivation & Passion Building Techniques.
  • Appearance Tips for Comfort and Credibility.
  • Scripting Choices – “To prompt or not to prompt that is the question”: When Ear Prompters and Teleprompters save the day…or not!

We’ll put you on camera, and you’ll see your progress, one-on-one, or in a class setting, and later you can review your DVD in the comfort of your own home or office.

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Patricia has served as emcee for ADP’s 50th Anniversary Gala in Orlando guiding the audience of over 4000 employees through a 5 decade company retrospective illustrated on a massive video wall transitioning into on stage interviews with ADP’s former and current CEO’s and key executives including Senator Frank Lautenberg.  Patricia also served as emcee for Canon’s 50th Anniversary celebrated at NYC’s famous Cipriani and lead the audience in the celebration of CEO Fujio Mitarai’s 75th Birthday.  Patricia’s experience with a diverse array of industries from finance, healthcare, manufacturing, entertainment, broadcasting, gives her first hand insight as she works with clients from various fields to help them communicate their most important messages, talking points, and stories.