18 Tips for Successful Public Speaking, Job interviews & Auditions

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Patricia Stark
1. Nerves? Inhale 4 seconds-hold 7 seconds-exhale 8 seconds-pause-repeat. Calms mind/nervous system, regulates breathing, balances emotions.

2. Broadway Tip: A student of mine from Mama Mia uses Bananas to combat nerves. Swears they are beta blockers & calms her before a performance.

3. Lay off the perfume & cologne. Smell is the scent of memory. You may smell like a bad one to someone else.

4. Confidence Tip: It is not what we “are” that keeps us from reaching our goals but what we “think” we are NOT.

5. Voice Tip: The Larynx/voice-box is a muscle. The more tense the muscle the higher pitched your voice will be. Massage & warmth help it relax.

6. Follow Up Tip: A hand written thank you note carries a lot of weight in a cyber age of emails & texts...

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New Client! MorningStar.com

Heading to Chicago to train team for on-camera skills & interview skills for web shows.

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