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A Video Recap of Some Past TV Hosting Classes!


Power TV Hosting

2 Day Class

Thursday, November 16th – 10am – 5pm
Friday, November 17th – 10am – 5pm

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Two Full Days of TV Hosting Power Skills – Teleprompter, Co-Hosting Skills, Interview Skills, Improv Stand Up Skills, Digital Hosting Skills, Body Language Training & more!

This new full two day format replaces Patricia’s 5 week TV Hosting night classes!

In these two dynamic workshop days you’ll start by mastering traditional and cutting edge hosting skills. You’ll work on-camera with Teleprompter using authentic scripts from actual TV shows and learn Patricia Stark’s “10 Laws of Teleprompter”. Patricia shares her short cuts, tips, and years of experience hosting over 25 television programs including international & national network programming with you, offering career guidance, dozens of her trademarked Calmfidence™ tips, and her expertise as a Certified Body Language trainer.

Next you’ll work with a co-host utilizing both teleprompter and unscripted bullet point hosting situations. Then learn everything you need to know about “in studio” interview skills and “man on the street” / red carpet interview skills. You’ll be confident making smooth transitions from reading Teleprompter segment introductions into guest interviews and outro’s. In the No Prompter Zone, you’ll learn to trust yourself and think on your feet with drills that include off the cuff improv stand-ups to camera, internalizing copy, turning scripts into bullet points and making them your own.

This two-day power packed event culminates with you hosting your dream show standup or segment. Patricia will then share her incredible in depth 56 page booklet of information that recaps the various types of programming, program formats, host “types”, audition scenarios, important points to remember, frequently asked questions, production company contacts, hosting agents contacts, website resources, marketing resources, demo reel tips, on-air image tips, headshot info and Patricia Stark Communication’s “10 Keys to On-Camera Presenting” & “10 Laws of Teleprompter”.

Train with the trainer who trains top broadcast & digital talent and is a working host herself! Patricia Stark works on both sides of the camera as a Media & Public Speaking Trainer, Certified Body Language Trainer, & appears regularly as a Guest TV Communication Expert & Lifestyle Expert.


Patricia is currently training hosts of the new Wonderama on Fox. Her extensive training for TV hosts includes Digital Host Training for: Vanity Fair, Bon Appetite, Vogue, Golf Digest, Pop Sugar, Gaia, SB Nation, CBS Interactive. Broadcast Host Training for: E! News, Discovery Networks, BET Network, Bill & Giuliana Rancic -NBC show “Ready for Love”? ,OWN Oprah Winfrey Network, Fuse Network – Fuse Daily News, “Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell”? , VH1, TLC’s -live coverage of The Royal Wedding with Clinton Kelly, Say Yes to the Dress, Everyday Food on PBS, Cooking Channel, and Martha Stewart Omnimedia. Her Guest Expert clients have appeared on the Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, CBS Morning Show, WPIX, Good Day New York, the View, Dr. Oz, Harry, ESPN, CNBC and more.


Private 1-1 Sessions are intensive 2 hour minimum blocks tailored to each individuals needs and goals. The entire two hours can be spent in front of the camera working with:

  • On-Camera Skills
  • Teleprompter
  • Working with Bullet Points
  • Ear Prompter
  • Interview skills, mock auditions, etc.- a combination of each or an intense focus on one skill. (Your scripts/talking points or scripts from our extensive library of on-air copy)
  • Attention will be given to credibility, comfort level, confidence building techniques, relaxation techniques, facial expression, cadence and timing.  Distracting visual and vocal habits.  Story telling skills, conversational vs. presentational, connection to viewers, emotional connection, topic passion & enthusiasm, and “getting into the Zone” will be assessed and strengthened.
  • The session can also be used to discuss career guidance, review resumes, demo reels, and websites, brainstorm show and segment ideas, write scripts, guidance regarding on-camera wardrobe, hair and makeup and marketing and promotion of your on-air talents to the right agents, casting directors, and production companies.

To inquire about booking a session and rate information email:

Coaching sessions take place at The Film Center Bldg at 630 9th Ave Bet 44th and 45th Streets, NYC 14th Floor studios, M-F between 10am and 3pm.  You will be videotaped and will leave with a DVD copy of your session. (Private coaching sessions provide greater than the equivalent of a 5 week on-camera group class. You will perform a minimum of 30-40 on-camera drills during the 2 hour private  session. During a 5 week group class the typical number of on-camera drills is 18 total).

  • You will also receive copies of our “10 Keys to On-Camera Presenting”
  • “The Ten Laws of TelePrompter”
  • Our Host/Presenter guide “Welcome to the Show”which also includes contact information of Hosting Agents and Production Companies who hire Hosts/On-Air Experts for shows.

To inquire about booking a session and rate information email:

Some of our recent Broadcast Network Host Coaching Projects:

•Contracted by BET to coach new hosting team of “106 & Park” 3 month period re-launch.

•Contracted by Discovery Networks to coach talent for Live Hosting Skills & Live IFB Training.

•Conducted multi-session prep for Bill & Giuliana Rancic’s NBC show “Ready for Love”, mock interviews, co-hosting skills, Teleprompter.

•Hired by OWN The Oprah Winfrey Network to coach & prep Author & Motivational Speaker Wes Moore as new host of “Beyond Belief”.

•Contracted by Fuse News to train a 7 person news team over a 4 month period for Launch of 2013 Fuse Daily News show – hosting skills, co-host skills, teleprompter, interview skills.

•Hired by FX Networks / “Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell” to strengthen Teleprompter reads & direct to camera hosting skills – ongoing.

•Hired by Little Acorn/Nigel Lythgoe Productions to prep Alexa Ray Joel & Ashanti for auditions for the E! show “Opening Act”, created mock interview settings, recorded & submitted auditions via web.

•Hired by Fuse to coach Mark Hoppus “Hoppus on Music” series & regularly help transition Producers to On-Air Talent.

•Hired by Viacom Logo to transition web talent to on-air talent.

•Hired by VH1 to coach Mob Wives Karen Gravano for book media tour.

•Multi-host prep for TLC’s live coverage of “The Royal Wedding”, coached Clinton Kelly for IFB training, “Say Yes to the Dress” Randy Fenoli & Monty Durham for all on-camera prep. On-Site coach live Times Square coverage.

•Prepped on-air guest experts for Martha Stewart Omnimedia multiple Today Show appearances. Coached chefs for “Everyday Food” PBS.

To inquire about booking a session and rate information email: