“When I need a media coach in NY, Patricia Stark is my first call. She is incredibly detail oriented with a wonderful ability to identify and correct problems big and small. She’s coached my established hosts as well as more developmental talent in studio and on location. I’ve been very happy with the results and look forward to our next big project.”  Andrew Strauser TLC – Senior Director, Talent Development

“Patricia Stark is one in a million.  I have worked in the entertainment industry for a number of years as a model, TV host, book author, judge and public speaker.  I was up for a big job this year and my hosting skills were rusty.  Patricia gave me the skills that I needed to improve my on-camera techniques and taught me things I did not know I needed.  Her considerate, kindhearted manner and desire to see her students succeed also gave me the courage and confidence to successfully report on the 2011 Academy Awards fashions for ABC”. – Roshumba Williams TV Host/Supermodel


Patricia was well received by the team. She took the time to prepare and ensured she understood the team dynamic and what I was hoping to achieve from the session. I would not hesitate to recommend Patricia to anyone who is looking for an expert in public speaking, presentation and general communications training. She is fantastic and I look forward to working with her in the future!  Amy Vale, Head of Global Business Marketing and Branded Experiences at Spotify

“Patricia Stark is the most professional teacher I’ve encountered. Not only is she a great television host, she’s a fantastic teacher, and also a communications expert, so her knowledge base exceeds that of any normal coach. I’m constantly learning from Patricia.  She’s highly organzied, effective and will always exceed her students expectations.  She has great tips so her clients will definitely have an advantage over any others.  I can’t recommend Patricia enough! “ Maureen Browne, President Initiative Talent, Former Casting Executive E! News Channel

In co-anchoring with Patricia, I found her to be a very effective communicator and a joy to work with. She exudes great personality, genuine warmth, confidence and a command of the language. Co-anchoring or co-hosting a presentation in any medium requires a certain savvy in human interaction, so that the team makes the most of their on-screen presence. Patricia has just that.  Bryan Jenkins, CEO – FlyTimeMedia Inc.

As the line producer for a morning TV news program, I engaged Patricia’s services as an on-air co-anchor to fill during my regular co-anchor’s vacation. Patricia’s performance both in the newsroom prepping her script and on-camera was so A+ that I have subsequently contacted her whenever any of my on-air talent needed a day off. Only Patricia’s busy consulting schedule prevents me from hiring her full-time…. and it is our program’s loss. Patricia exudes intelligence, grace, good humor, respect and generosity – an ideal colleague! – Bill Timoney, Director/Producer,  Ebru Today Morning Show

Patricia Stark is awesome at what she does. Her media training REALLY stuck with me and helped me toward reaching my goal of appearing as a guest expert on the Nate Berkus show”. – Guy Guido, Make Up Artist


“In addition to being a top TV Host herself, I’ve found Patricia Stark’s knowledge and expertise on how the business works, to be top notch. She has coached and trained many clients over the years, and the results have always been terrific.” Mark Turner, Host/Broadcast Agent, Abrams Artists Agency

Over the years, I have been the fortunate beneficiary of Patricia Stark Communications gift at media coaching. She is the only person I ever recommend. Patricia is awesome. David S. Kidder,  Co-Founder at Bionic


“Patricia Stark is very well known and has an excellent reputation in the industry.  She has personally helped me not only book jobs, but she is also who I turn to when I need help fine tuning my skills.”  – Alison Chace, On-Air Host, PlumTV Live Morning Show


What a brilliant class! Really learned a great deal from you today….. Very inspirational, and encouraging. You have a gift for teaching! ” – Tim Washer, Executive Communications IBM


“Patricia is a true professional and wonderful coach. She is able to leverage what she has learned from her own personal experiences on camera and share relevant insights for her students. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their ability in “being a natural” on camera.”
Tony Estrella, COO HealthiNation


“If you’re looking for an incredible instructor for on-air skills, teleprompter or ear prompter, look no further. Patricia Stark is a fantastic media coach who not only is an excellent teacher, she’s also a highly sought after industry talent. From TV host to news anchor to actress, she brings a wealth of experience both in front and behind the camera.” –Tony Nation –Owner, Actors Connection NYC


“Thank you so much for another outstanding session!!!  You are definitely a pro.  You make what you do look so easy, so seamless. I definitely learned a lot.  I am looking forward to making what I learned work.  I know I can do this.  I’m learning from the best”. -Barbara Ficcara, RN, Host of “Health in 30”WRCR New York.


“Patricia Stark has helped bring my professional success to a new level. Thanks to her tremendous ability to inspire others, she has helped me to achieve success as a public speaker. The one-on-one sessions I had with Patricia helped me to gain the confidence I needed to successfully speak to an audience of over 500 people!”  – Janetlee Pillitteri, Chair, Good Samaritan Hospital


“Whether you are interested in her expert advice as a Media Coach or Confidence Builder, Patricia’s astonishing knowledge in these areas; her talent; training techniques; and top-notch professionalism, will undoubtedly help catapult your life and career to a whole new level. Patricia is one of the brightest, most hardworking, generous, and kind people I have had the pleasure to cross paths with” – Evelyn Vaccaro, On-Air Host, “A Taste from the Melting Pot” – PBS Television


“Working with Patricia Stark has helped me build the confidence and professional polish that I need to bring my brand to the next level. She is a top notch coach and an amazing person.  I always leave our sessions excited, pumped and ready to OWN IT!  I know that Patricia takes my goals to heart and will take whatever steps she needs, to help me get there.  Patricia Stark is a true partner to my success.” Marlaina Teich, Marlaina Teich Interior Designs


“Your individual work with our speakers has helped all and a couple immensely. One speaker especially has had a huge and measurable increase in his performance contributed directly to your work. You truly helped him get to the next level. Always nice to “measure” performance results, let alone subjective results. Many positive comments from the key note you gave, and many asking for a DVD copy of such.”
-Kim Crowther, VP, Previews- Investools Inc.


“Patricia has been extremely helpful to us through her training and coaching of our business managers and senior salespeople in their presentation skills. All of the participants in her program felt the time spent was extremely worthwhile and that they gained practical and effective new skills in public speaking. I would highly recommend her program.” Chris Dolan, Director CG- Guardian Industries