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Public Speaking & Body Language Calmfidence®

New 2 Day Training Workshop Launching in NYC in November!

Public Speaking & Body Language Calmfidence®

I am excited to announce my new Public Speaking and Body Language Calmfidence® 2 Day Training Workshop is launching in NYC this November 2nd & 3rd! The most important skill for success is being able to present yourself to the world with a calm confidence. Your public speaking, presentation, & performance skills will impact all of your goals and dreams. Know what body language messages you are sending out consciously and subconsciously. Own your voice, conquer doubt & fear, learn to trust yourself and command the stage, the room, or conversation. Secure your spot here:

In this powerful 2-day workshop you’ll learn:

  • The top 10 Calmfidence®...
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Are You a Fast Talker?

Calmfidence® Tip of the Day – Are you a Fast Talker? Thank you @dyoung211 for your question:
🏃🏻‍♀️ “What are some tips to slow down when I’m presenting”?

🗣 Most folks speed up when they are nervous or when that excited adrenaline is pumping. Plan for it and consciously open your speech or conversation at a slow pace. This will set the tone for the rest of your talk

😱 If your intention is to just “get this over with” you will speak much faster then you should. Even if it’s a necessary evil for you and something you really dread, do everything you can to try to change your intention to giving value and being of service

🎉 Don’t confuse energy and enthusiasm with speed...

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Calmfidence™ Tip of the Day – Do you swallow your words when you speak?

😱Have you ever had dry mouth? it’s awful right? Your throat gets scratchy & irritated and you might even have to cough. Not so good during a speech or interview

💦Too much saliva is also bad. You’re gonna have to swallow and that’s also tough during a speech or conversation

🙊Swallowing your words really means swallowing AS you say your words. That’s why folks notice it. It makes you sound nervous and unsure

🌪Swallow before or after you say a word, in the spaces

⏰Take your time

⚖️Use pauses wisely

🎁You’ll give yourself space to clear your mouth, control your breathing, and catch your breath

🎓You will sound thoughtful and smart when you make space for vocal housekeeping

🙈Folks won’t no...

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